Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Three Minute Tour

The signed, limited edition print that I won in the One World-One Heart giveaway on Jo's blog (The Cart Before The Horse) came in the mail on Saturday.

As is usually the case, it's even better 'in person'. It is such a sweet and whimsical piece. I framed it yesterday afternoon and hung it on a wall over one of the work tables in my craft room. That spot has been begging for something and the print works perfectly there! Thanks, again, Jo!

Since I had the camera out taking pictures of my new "Moon and Star" print, I thought I would show you a picture of Emma, my.....hmmm, my.....well, my 17 year old Siamese/Himalayan cat. I was thinking of calling her "my assistant" or "my helper", something like that, but she really isn't. She thinks her main job is to sit there looking pretty.

Now here, she looks like she's in a guard-cat position, but I seriously doubt her skill in that regard since she hides even when we have friendly company.

She is a good listener, and also a good talker at times. Hey, that sounds like a friend, a companion, a confidante---but, whoa! How about, simply, "Emma, my cat chum".

Next, is a picture of what I have been working on in the little 18" space that is left on one of my two work tables. The rest of the tabletop space is covered with piles of stuff and I am comforted to say that I know I am not alone in this affliction.

I've been playing with some really cool rubber stamps that I bought from Artgirlz and have been having the best time making paper dolls. I bought three different sets of rubber stamps and have been mixing and matching heads, arms and legs; skirts, pants and tops; wings, sunglasses, corsages, etc. I stamped them on different colors of cardstock and have been snip, snip, snipping away! I took some glitter pens to some of the pieces last night, ooooo!

OK, time's up. This concludes today's tour of the ol' craft room. I think it was kinda fun...thank you for coming along!



Jo James said...

I'm so glad you liked it!
Good frame choice too.

Pretty kitty! Wow, she's really old! Gives me hope that my sweet little kitty has many years left.

And I always love studio pics. Love seeing where other people work.


Bernice said...

I'm so glad you've been enjoying yourself so much. How lucky are you to win something from cart before the horse. I purchased an ornament from her, I won't say what it cost me but it's the most expensive ornament I own.
PS can't wait to see some of your paper dolls.

Cookie said...

I have seen your work up close and personal and know the detail you put into everything you create. Whatever you set your mind to will be gorgeous!!
The print looks beautiful with the frame - and oh your putty tat is GORGEOUS!
I miss our cats, (and dogs) but we are gone so much in the summer, it just never seems fair to get another.

anyway, just wanted to tell you - yer lookin good there mama! said...

that is a fantastic prize!!

Amanda Howard said...

That cat is beautiful. She looks a lot like my cat, Sylvio. He is a Siamese mix, maybe a Snowshoe. He helps me around the house, too.