Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"the pink artist"

Back on the 1st of February, I stopped by Chel's blog (she's the founder of ZNE) and noticed that she was participating in ONE World-ONE Heart, a giveaway event that originated in 2007 with the idea of bringing bloggers together from around the world who may never meet ordinarily. It was quite successful last year and even more so this year with over 3 times the number of participants. It sounded like a fun time to me so I started visiting some of the blogs and was pleased to discover a number of artists that I will most definitely check in on again!

There's one that would have been a real shame to miss...Monica Magness...it was there that I learned about Monica's "the pink artist" community art doll project for charity. She created a 37 inch doll and is collecting 2" x 2" squares from artists, using their chosen medium, that she will hand sew to a piece of fabric and then add to the doll as the main focal point. The doll was recently named "Love Squared" and is eventually to be auctioned off with all proceeds to benefit "Susan G. Komen for the Cure" for the fight against breast cancer.

As of February 8th, there were 122 creative souls signed up to participate. As one of those 122, there is much that I love about this opportunity: 1. You just gotta love finding a place where personal passion can be a part of a bigger cause, a place to help make a difference...2.  the "Susan G. Komen for the Cure" and their dedication to many issues surrounding breast cancer through research, education, empowerment and much more...and 3. Being part of an art collaboration will surely be fun...not only the anticipation of seeing the completed art doll, but also seeing the incredible art squares as they come in.  There are several squares already posted on Monica's blog and it's an amazing sight! You can follow the progress of "Love Squared" on her blog, too.

So, here's my part...the four squares I'll be sending off to Monica tomorrow:

What a fun project--I'm thrilled to have found it! What else do you suppose is out there awaiting discovery?



jeanne, herself said...

love the squares!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Marilyn your squares arrived safe & sound on Saturday afternoon... these are adorable & perfect for our doll! Thank you so much for your enthusiasm towards the group, I know we could not have done this without YOU. Your squares are dancing through our parade of squares now anticipating what will come next...how Xciting! Your blog is wonderful, I'm glad I found you too! ~Monica :)

Ro Bruhn said...

Love the squares, such fabulous colour

Amanda Howard said...

When we will see the finished product?

Cookie said...

love love love your squares, Marilyn!
I mailed mine from the office last Tuesday and the mailroom thought it was INCOMING mail instead of OUTGOING - ack!!!
Needless to say, they went back OUT in the mail on Saturday lol
Hopefully they will make it to Monica without anymore glitches!