Thursday, August 20, 2009

Putting the Pieces Together

This week I've been clipping, snipping and dyeing--sounds like a hair salon--and pasting to make Halloween tags for Sarah's Vintage Spooky Tag Swap.

Sarah is going to make tag books from everybody's tags (due 8/28), tying them together with a ribbon...13 swappers, 13's that for a Halloweeny tag book?! I can't wait to see it!!


Here's another fun tag book swap...

Sweet & Sinister Tag Swap

It's still open for sign-ups if you want to jump in!
(Tags aren't due until October 10th.)

You can go here or here to sign up.


This next picture may quite possibly fall into the same category as watching paint dry...

I'm coming right along on my 1000 piece puzzle. But not without help...second daughter and her boyfriend were here last weekend. The three of us worked on it Sunday morning while Rick was cooking up a delicious breakfast--he's not a puzzle person:) But he is a fabulous cook and I swear he added some magic to our breakfast--we really knocked out a lot of this puzzle after we ate!
(edit - 08/22/09...finished this baby last night--yay!!)


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