Thursday, March 11, 2010

Craft Day Tea Party Baby Shower...

...sounds fun, and it was!

On Tuesday, Shawn and Bethany and I drove out to Karla's for a craft day with Beth, and Mary (who brought all of us a pack of her French dictionary pages) and

Lauri (who also gave us lovely crafting goodies).

(And the doilies in both photos are from Shawn.)

So why the bunny ears and hats you ask?

Because it was also a Tea Party--an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party--in honor of Karla's Alice Tag Book Swap.

Complete with pretty little tea sandwiches that Shawn made :)

Karla had the table beautifully set...

...and placed a tiny little frozen charlotte doll wrapped in vintage flocked wallpaper at each seat!

The party also honored Shawn who is expecting a new addition to their family next month--she is holding a picture that Karla painted of Bethany holding her new baby brother:)

Even Karla's dog, Twinkle, dressed up for the party!

It was really a special day!!!



hometown girl said...

looks like the perfect afternoon! friends, crafting and food! i hope all is well with you! so glad you stopped by :) susan

Shawn said...

What a fun day that was!!!! mmm wish I has some of those yummy treats right now :)