Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Quilting Bee Blocks

Creating virtual quilting bee blocks this month was really fun...lots of pure, bright colors and three block patterns I made for the first time.

Rita, Sew Connected 2, sent gorgeous shot cotton fabrics and asked for blocks with love, home, family themes...

Barb, Stash Busting Bee International,
was inspired by a Red Pepper Quilts block, bright and scrappy...

And Meg, Bee Obsessed, requested star blocks of pink, purple, orange & yellow on white backgrounds...

Coincidentally, Meg turned out to be one of my DQS8 partners, but I didn't know it at the time I was making her block!

It's looking like April is going to be a good bee block month too with new and different ideas/themes!


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Hope said...

Hi Marilyn!
Your blog is lovely and the quilting....WOW! Your Alice tags are adorable. Thanks for including mine in your post. It was such a fun swap....I just love Karla! Thanks for visiting my blog!